What we do

Our Mission

Through its programmes and projects Archi.Media supports and promotes the active preservation and enhancement of culture and heritage as vital resources and value carriers for individuals and communities in their quest for well-being, cohesive, inclusive, resilient,  yet diverse societies, sustainable and equitable development, crisis prevention and post-crisis recovery.

Key Services

Project design, management, monitoring and evaluation
Conservation and management of heritage sites
Rehabilitation and restoration of movable and immovable tangible heritage
Safeguarding and valorisation of intangible cultural heritage
Capacity building and vocational training
Landscape and urban planning
Museums development
Scientific desk studies and field researches
Media Development for Peace Building

Key services provided by AMTO include:

  • Project design and management: concept and development of projects and programmes in the areas of competence;
  • Laboratory of ideas: to foster innovation and creativity applied to development and humanitarian contexts
  • Strategic planning: to provide the public and private sector with advisory on key strategic issues in the areas of competence;
  • Capacity development: to reinforce the capabilities of valuable human resources indispensable to local advancement;
  • Community participation: concept and development of participatory programmes, initiatives and activities;
  • Scientific research: to carry out desk and field studies;
  • Photographic surveys and documentation: photographic projects, documentation and surveys;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): to deliver more agile and efficient M&E frameworks for communication purposes;
  • Events organization: to support various entities for the organization and management of all types of events;
  • Resilience and relief: to respond to protracted humanitarian crisis created by human-made or natural catastrophes.
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