Anna Guarducci

Professor of Geography of Landscapes and Cultural Heritage

Brief info

Anna Guarducci is professor of Geography and Historical Geography in the Department of Historical Sciences and Cultural Heritage at the University of Siena (since 2005). She participated innational and international Research Projects and conducted research activities for numerous public institutions and local communities in the region of Tuscany, re: landscape, environment and cultural heritage. Herresearch activity primarily focuses on the study of geographical-human and geographical-historical nature of the territory, with special attention to the administrative procedures of the organization of environmental and infrastructural resources (i.e. agricultural and forestry structures, drainage and fluvial arrangements, human and historic settlements, cultural routes); landscape related issues, environmental and territorial policies; history of cartography and historical cartography. As a result of her scientific activity from 1993 to the present, Anna Guarducci produced over 110 papers, which have been published in books, specialized magazines, including collaborative volumes, etc. She participated actively (often by invitation) to ca 150 local, national and international scientific initiatives (conferences, seminars, volume presentations, conferences) organized by universities, research centres, and public authorities.

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