Resilience, Recovery and Relief

Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) and Relief, Recovery and Reconstruction (RRR) with sustainable development to strengthen the resilience of territories and communities.

All major international frameworks for disaster risk reduction recognized the mutually reinforcing interrelation between sustainable development, environmental protection and disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and relief.

Sustainable development, by improving social cohesion, fostering cultural diversity, favouring social inclusion and empowering local communities, acts also in support of conflict prevention and peace building. The cultural dimension is crucial for the prevention of conflicts, helping to build shared values through cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

In post conflict and post disaster areas the link of reconstruction processes with sustainable development is decisive for encouraging the inhabitants to remain in the area and contribute to its revival. Cultural heritage is an excellent resource (physical, moral, social) in reconstruction processes, and can contribute to preserve the local lifestyle and heritage, supporting recovery through a shared vision of the future.

Heritage, reconstruction and sustainable development processes are therefore strictly linked, and after catastrophes they facilitate the creation of projects that really respond to the needs of people after a crisis.

The cross-cutting nature of sustainable development calls for going beyond geographic, disciplinary and sectorial borders, and combine preventive strategies and emergency responses with comprehensive policies of sustainable development integrating DRR, PCR and RRR in their wider strategic vision.


  • Preventive strategies, reinforcing resilience to counter the effects of climate change, natural disasters and conflicts / Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Protecting the Environment and its Biodiversity to counter the Effects of Climate Change
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Culture-based psycho-social support in humanitarian contexts
  • Post-Conflict/Post-Disaster Early Recovery and Reconstruction
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