Cultural diversity & heritage communities

Culture and heritage as levers of individual and collective wellbeing towards a more equitable and ethical societies

Diversity in nature and diversity in culture are inseparable, reciprocally reinforced and dependent. Cultural diversity is a powerful guarantee of sustainability because it binds developmental goals to plausible and specific local visions, representing a key link between the tangible and intangible dimensions of sustainability and a resource for a model of development integrating cultural values, environmental balance and material wellbeing. AMTO advocates and acts towards the safeguarding of both forms of diversity through a comprehensive approach based on the understanding that cultural and natural phenomena should not be dissociated, but intended as an organic unity.


  • Natural and cultural diversity protection and valorisation>
  • Promotion of intercultural dialogue and cooperation
  • Sustainable use of local natural and cultural resources
  • Advocacy for human, civil and environmental rights
  • Indigenous peoples rights, culture and knowledge
  • Cultural events and festivals
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