The Past for the Future (Poland, Hungary and Italy)

Audiovisual works – interpretations of CHARTERS OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION put together as a result of study meetings and workshops as part of the EUROPE FOR CITIZENS project co-financed by the European Union.

Production of short films about the effects of manifestations of intolerance, hate speech and other goals specified in the document on the basis of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Each participant, while shooting the film and working on the script, chooses a leading topic to illustrate the content of the selected article. Introducing viewers to the ideas contained in the Charter and debata of artists, scientists, journalists and intellectuals, participants about how the Charter of Fundamental Rights has influenced the cohesion of the EU and how we find it 20 years after its introduction.

Representatives of three countries participated in the project: Poland, Italy and Hungary. Due to the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, most activities, work, meetings and debates took place online. The end result is the production of a full-length film (adapted to public screenings) from the received, selected works of the participants and 10 short thematic sequences posted on publicly available social channels on the Internet.

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