Mosul Mosaic: Restoration of the Al Raabiya Mosque

Goal of the project is contributing to the reconstruction and renaissance of the old city of Mosul, in Iraq, and to the socio-economic recovery and empowerment of its inhabitants by applying an integrated approach to the rehabilitation of Al-Raabiya Mosque.
Built in 1766, Al-Raabiya Mosque is architecturally one of the most interesting mosques of the Old City of Mosul. During 2016-2017 warfare for the liberation of Mosul from ISIL/Daesh, the building suffered considerable physical damage, including structural damage. Due to its historic, architectural and spiritual value, Al-Raabiya Mosque deserves to be given urgent consideration for rehabilitation and reconstruction. In today’s socio-political context of Mosul, the task of reconstruction presents several critical logistical and operational issues, which shall be addressed with a holistic approach able to combine physical restoration with the social and economic dimensions of post-conflict reconstruction and recovery.
In consideration of this, the project includes, beside the rehabilitation works (concerning different types of operations and materials), two main set of interrelated activities and specific objectives: the capacity building and training of local specialists and labour, and the establishment of a new production chain in theceramic sector, with positive effects in terms of job creation and employment opportunities for women.

Al-Raabiya Mosque Report Oct. 2021 Part 1

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