Palestine – United in Stone

This photographic research was aimed to creating both a document and a statement of the UNIDO project “Palestine in Stone”. The project conveys the importance and the quality of the Palestine Stone and Marble Centre in Hebron in regard to the marble production and its role in the industrial development of Palestine.
Federico Busonero and Daniela Tartaglia photographed five stone/marble themes as follows: Heritage in Stone, including an in-depth view and comprehension of the natural and industrial settings of the marble/stone quarries in the West Bank, as well as documentation of ancient and new buildings in Hebron, Nablus, Bethlehem, Jenin and Ramallah, selected according to their particular value and significance;
Excellence in Stone
, documenting the entire process of the stone production including the production cycle, the stone waste recycling process, the machinery, the personnel and the students who are trained in the Palestine Stone and Marble Centre in Hebron; 
United in Stone, portraying the people involved through the various stages of this process; Women in Stone, focusing on the women working in the various sectors of the marble industry; and Library in Stone, which includes 60 different types of marble/stone available in Palestine.

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