Kosovo’s Ministry of Culture Tasks Archi.Media Trust, Fitorja, and Archeo Tech & Survey to Conduct Digital Surveying and Assessment for the Restoration of the Novo Brdo Castle in Kosovo

The 20th of April Archi.Media Trust (AMT), Fitorja, and Archeo Tech & Survey (ATS) have been tasked by Kosovo’s Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports to initiate digital surveying and conduct a structural and physical assessment of the ancient Artana Novobërda Castle in the Pristina district of Kosovo. The operation will be conducted by a team composed of architectural and site conservation experts from the three organizations. Bekim Ceko, an experienced conservator and lecturer from Kosovo will be General Manager of the operation; Ornella Mariano from AMT, will be working as the conservative architect; Iuri Lupone as the constructive engineer; Matteo Sordini will be working on the topographic surveying; and Francesco Pericci from ATS, will lead the archeological impact assessment. Between 2014 and 2018 the castle was subject to a series of interventions that altered its original structure and determined the deterioration of the stone masonries. It is now up to this operation’s task to assess the damage and open up the prospects for a future restoration project.

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