“Conversations With Communities” Online Event On The 10th Of May

Archi.Media Trust is contributing to “Conversations with Communities” an online event organized by Our World Heritage focusing on the voices of heritage communities dealing with climate change. The event will take place online on the 10th of May at 12.00 pm UTC. This conversation will bring together different communities that deal with the effects of climate change. As such, the event will facilitate networking amongst community-led strategies to mitigate climate change impacts on heritage sites. The programme features a diverse range of speakers from around the world:

  • Elder Ehi Ighile, Obarisiuwa and President of Benin City Heritage Center, Nigeria, will share the traditional climate action and disaster reduction techniques for the Iya, Benin City Moats.
  • Harrison Ezeimwenghian Uwangue, Secretary of Benin City Heritage Center, Nigeria, will discuss traditional climate action and disaster reduction techniques.
  • Eugidio Gobo, Co-Founder, and Vice-President of ASMOG in Mozambique, will share insights on the resilience and adaptation techniques utilized by the Ibo Island’s community in the face of climate emergency challenges.
  • Patrik Bylund, World Heritage Coordinator High Coast, County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, Sweden, will provide insights into the potential threats to the High Coast World Heritage Site.
  • Malin Henriksson, World Heritage Coordinator Kvarken Archipelago, Metsähallitus, Finland, will speak about the Kvarken Archipelago World Heritage Site’s current state and potential threats to its uplifting beauty.

The event wants to strenghten a network among communities at risk. Furthermore, a follow-up event is scheduled for September 2023 to provide updates on the progress and strengthening network amongst the communities.

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