Who we are

Archi.Media Trust Onlus (AMTO) is a non-profit organisation based in Italy and working in the field of international cooperation. Established in 2017, AMTO focuses on culture and heritage as vehicles for sustainable development, crisis prevention and post-crisis recovery from the local scale to that of larger communities. Through the work of its experts, AMTO supports the active preservation of culture and heritage as vital resources and value carriers for individuals and communities in their quest for well-being, cohesive yet diverse societies, sustainable, inclusive and equitable development, crisis prevention and postcrisis recovery.

AMTO relies on a wide network of experts in Cultural Heritage Preservation, including specialisation in post-conflict countries and crisis areas in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world.
From the managerial point of view, AMTO’s core team has a long and diverse experience in cultural heritage international organizations, i.e. UNESCO. Team members managed several million projects in complex conflict and post-conflict environments as Mali, Cambodia, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Israel-Palestine and Egypt. Those projects focused on conservation, restoration, and management of cultural sites, often combined with on-the-job training for local people.

Board of Trustees

Leonardo Rombai
Professor of Human Geography
Anna Guarducci
Professor of Geography of Landscapes and Cultural Heritage
Lamberto Soldatini
Architect and Urban Planner
Società Nobili Sani
Guardian of the Trust

Our Supervisory and controlling bodies

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Luigi Persiani
Certified Auditor
External Auditor

Our Team

Giovanni Fontana Antonelli
Chief Executive Officer
Claudia Cancellotti
Chief Operating Officer
Alessandro Carboni
Administrative and Finance Officer
Fabio Beltotto
Project Officer

Our Directors

Cristina Iamandi
Heritage and Diversity
Tommaso Cossu
Just and Sustainable Cities
Nida Ahmad, Media
Human Rights and Peacebuilding

Our Senior Programme Associates

Ihsan Fethi
Architectural heritage
Cecilia Santinelli
Museum development and conservation of movable objects
Ebe Giovannini
Media productions
Iuri Lupone
Structural engineering for historic buildings
Mehiyar Kathem
Politics of cultural heritage in the Middle East
Ornella Mariano
Resilience, Recovery, Relief
Tamara Teneishvili
Knowledge and Skills

Our Scientific Committee

Stefano Bertocci
Architectural heritage documentation (University of Florence)
Marco Giamello
Petrography applied to cultural heritage (University of Siena)
Giuseppe Delmonaco
Endangered heritage and geomorphological risks (ISPRA)
Patrizia Cirino
Intangible heritage and museums (MiBAC)
Géraldine Chatelard
Intangible Heritage (Bibliothèque National de France)
Stefano Campana
Archaeology and Remote Sensing (University of Siena)
Ginevra Virginia Lombardi
Community Resources and Agriculture (University of Florence)
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